If no one comes why build it?

About Us

eTrafficBuilder Co was formed in 1998 in Columbus, Ohio, when Jane Watson was asked to help a company learn why their ecommerce website was not receiving any traffic on the world wide web. With 10 years of internet research experience, she was delighted to take on the adventure. 

The research that was done disclosed that websites that were not listed in the search engines had no search engine placement and could not be found with a regular keyword search. In light of that finding, Jane was contracted by the company to take the website through the process of Search Engine Optimization and website promotion in order to be found in searches and to increase sales of their consumer goods. At the end of the first year, website traffic had been increased by 1000% and sales of products were at an all time high. 

Over the years, eTrafficBuilder Co has helped many businesses of all sizes increase their visibility on the internet. Today our philosophy is to use a combined strategy designed with the needs of each specific company to attract the right traffic. We integrate search engine marketing with search engine optimization into the web design and social media marketing to create a site which is search engine & mobile friendly and increases the company's bottom line.